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The Main Points Of The Power Supply Of LED Street Light

LONGT Lighting Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 05, 2017

  The main points of the power supply of LED street Light

  (1) The LED street Light power supply according to the load characteristic chooses the appropriate control way

  Now the market for the sale of LED street Lights a wide range of power, the function is increasingly powerful, LED street Light power supply performance is also becoming the decisive factor, in addition to the LED street Light power itself manufacturing process of "congenital" conditions, the LED street Light power to use what kind of control mode is also very important.

  (2) Choose the protection structure of LED street Light power supply according to the installation environment

  LED Street Light power supply protection structure to adapt to its installation environment, this must consider environmental temperature, humidity, dust, ph, corrosive gases and other factors, this and LED street Light power can be long-term, safe and reliable operation of a significant relationship.