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LONGT Help Qingdao SCO

LONGT Lighting Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2018

2018 6.9-6.10 

The eighteenth meeting of heads of State Council of member states of the Shanghai cooperation organization will be held in Qingdao.

LONGT is very honored to take part in the renovation and upgrading of the important section of the urban landscape lighting in Qingdao.

This is another ingenuity after the Xiamen BRIC summit, which help Qingdao summit.

【Qingdao Airport】

【Airport Expressway and Qingyin Expressway Qingdao section】


【Nanhai Road, Zhengyang Guan Road, Ba Da Guan area】

LONGT staff work overtime, quality and efficient completion of the relevant Qingdao section of the landscape lighting improvement work.

LONGT wishes Qingdao SCO a complete success.