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Solar Street Light Installation Step 2: Composition of solar energy street light and operational principle

LONGT Lighting Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

The solar energy street light is mainly composed by solar energy battery assembly, intelligent controller, maintenance free storage battery, lighting source, lamp post and structures.


The lighting source for solar energy street light is ceramic metal halide lamp/promise light/low pressure sodium lamp/high pressure sodium lamp/super power LED.


The working principle of solar energy street light is as following:

The solar battery assembly converts the solar radiation to electricity and store in the storage battery in the day time. In the night, the battery output electricity to the lighting source to illuminate. Intelligent controller is used for protect the battery against over charging and over discharging, and control the time of illumination.


Series connection: positive connect negative pole and voltage add together

Parallel connection: positive connect positive pole and negative connect negative pole. Voltage will not add together.